Vanessa Carlton Twilight- Cover by me

12 Apr


I just love this song and I felt like singing to relieve some stress last night. I sang it through once then recorded it. So it’s not my best but I had fun. The lyrics are very meaningful to me. I hope you enjoy.


SO I have to redo this…I accidentally deleted my old youtube account and lost all my old videos. :/

Video 3 Feb

Me singing the song I used to audition for Idol with. Pleas enjoy. I just sang it through with no practice. xD laziness and bad equipment. :p

Video 18 Jul

If only more girls listened to the words of this song. Haha I’m preaching to myself. It’s a good song though.


I Hope You Dance. For Gracie.

11 Jul

I made this video and sang this song as a birthday gift for my bestie. ❤ I literally used sound recorder on my laptop so the sound quality isn't that great. The pictures are pretty though. I love this song. Sit it out or dance? I don't know about you, but I like to dance.



10 Jul

There is a bit of a Rockstar in all of us. We are all talented and special in our own way. Are you what you always wanted to be? I’m not yet…but I’m getting there!


Miku Circus Monster.

4 Jul

Ok. Happy 4th to the people of the U.S. And to everyone else, have a good day. I have work today. 🙂 This song is in Japanese, but please listen to it. It’s really pretty.


Marilyn Monroe

19 Jun

I really like this song. Especially some of the lines. “If you can’t handle my worst, you ain’t getting my best.” Since I am taking my time writing some special things right now, please enjoy this lovely song instead. Love all my readers. ❤ Many blessing. ~Aurora