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Through the Darkness

1 Mar

Though I am surrounded by darkness, I know the light will come again

Slowly trudging forward in the dark I must stand

Stronger than I’ve ever been before

Holding my ground so I don’t fall to the floor

On my knees I feel so weak

But on my feet I’m at a peak

Reaching out for something to hold

I am learning on my own to be bold.



My Sweetest Poison

18 Jul

My sweetest poison is always on my mind.

I can feel its presence surround me even when it’s not close by.

The scent lingers all around me, even on my skin.

Time to sit back and let this all soak in.

Where have you gone? Why have you left me so?

My sweetest poison, I love you, it’s a fact don’t you know.

The feel of your lips, the touch of your skin,

Oh what I wouldn’t give to have it all again.

Safe in your arms, the sweet sound of your voice,

Please believe that giving you up wasn’t my choice.

My sweetest poison I have waited for you,

And though I’m taking a break, it’s still waiting too.

Without you close by I feel a loneliness so deep

That no words can explain and I can only weep.

Sweetest poison you are like a drug.

More and more I have of you but I can’t get enough.

Dizzy from your highs, blue from your lows,

Baby I just want our love to grow.

Here’s the thing about me and you,

I think that I need you to love me too.

My sweetest poison can’t you see,

Your sweetest poison has to be ME.Image

A Choice

6 Jun

Today I am making a choice.

When I make this choice, it may take some time,

but me emotions will eventually follow.

I want to be a happier, brighter and stronger me.

I have a special light and I need to share it with the world.

I want a change and that change is going to start with me.

Still taking things one day at a time,

but I’m trusting that I will be given everything I need

and nothing more than I can handle.

So I encourage all of you to make a choice as well.

Allow yourself to bring you happiness,

not someone else.