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My Sweetest Poison

18 Jul

My sweetest poison is always on my mind.

I can feel its presence surround me even when it’s not close by.

The scent lingers all around me, even on my skin.

Time to sit back and let this all soak in.

Where have you gone? Why have you left me so?

My sweetest poison, I love you, it’s a fact don’t you know.

The feel of your lips, the touch of your skin,

Oh what I wouldn’t give to have it all again.

Safe in your arms, the sweet sound of your voice,

Please believe that giving you up wasn’t my choice.

My sweetest poison I have waited for you,

And though I’m taking a break, it’s still waiting too.

Without you close by I feel a loneliness so deep

That no words can explain and I can only weep.

Sweetest poison you are like a drug.

More and more I have of you but I can’t get enough.

Dizzy from your highs, blue from your lows,

Baby I just want our love to grow.

Here’s the thing about me and you,

I think that I need you to love me too.

My sweetest poison can’t you see,

Your sweetest poison has to be ME.Image

Lo Siento

8 Jul

disculpame por reaccionando

como lo hici…

perdoname por la frustracion

te amo

ya deberias

saber eso

quiero amarte

y quiero

que nuestra

relacion funciona


I love you

25 Jun

I love you.

I love the things you do.

I love the time we spend together.

I can be with you through any weather.

I love your laugh.

You really are my other half.

I love our long talks at night.

I love the little things you do to make my day right.

Your arms always make me feel safe and sound

and I really do hope you will always be around.

The future is bright for us just you wait and see.

I love you baby, and that’s the way it should be.

My Ode to Chocolate

3 Jun

I want you almost all the time.

Your smell makes me want you more.

Sometimes I can look…but can’t touch.

Tasting you brings me joy.

You sit and melt on my tongue,

letting me savor all the flavor.

When I am sad, you make me feel better.

When I am happy, we share our joy together.

Please never stay too far for long.

Chocolate, sweet chocolate….I need you close by.

Our Pearl

2 Jun

I pick up the beautiful fresh water pearl we just found.

Crowds of people and flashing cameras surround us.

You get down on one knee and take the pearl gently from my hands.

“Marry me. I love you,” you say with a smile on your face.

I don’t know what to say. I am filled with a happiness I’ve

Been seeking for years.

As tears form in my bright blue eyes I nod my head.

You pick me up, kiss me, and spin me around.

A loud applause is barely audible to me because I’m so far

Gone from this place. It’s just you and me.

Before I know it, I’m in the white gown of my dreams.

I take a step forward, longing to be next to my groom.

I open my eyes and see a dark room.

It was only just a dream.

To my muse

1 Jun

I love to see your smiling face.

I love the feel of your warm embrace.

I love the way you kiss my forehead and say goodnight.

I love the way you hold me tight.

In your arms I always feel safe.

You have been my saving grace.

When I am weak you remind me to be strong,

while still being there for me all along.

I cherish all the time we spend together,

through rain or sun or whatever the weather.

You are my dream, my song, what I write,

Because you have inspired me both day and night.

I want to spend life with you by my side,

So please sit back with me and enjoy the ride.