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Through the Darkness

1 Mar

Though I am surrounded by darkness, I know the light will come again

Slowly trudging forward in the dark I must stand

Stronger than I’ve ever been before

Holding my ground so I don’t fall to the floor

On my knees I feel so weak

But on my feet I’m at a peak

Reaching out for something to hold

I am learning on my own to be bold.



Strong Enough (My chorus)

3 Sep

Don’t tell me to walk away.

Don’t tell me I’m making mistakes.

I know that life is hard but baby, I’m not giving up.

I’m telling you we’re strong enough.

I’m begging you to keep holding on.

Cuz in my heart I know, we were always meant to be.


(This was part of a silly little song I wrote several years ago. I like it. ^.^)

A Choice

6 Jun

Today I am making a choice.

When I make this choice, it may take some time,

but me emotions will eventually follow.

I want to be a happier, brighter and stronger me.

I have a special light and I need to share it with the world.

I want a change and that change is going to start with me.

Still taking things one day at a time,

but I’m trusting that I will be given everything I need

and nothing more than I can handle.

So I encourage all of you to make a choice as well.

Allow yourself to bring you happiness,

not someone else.

I must save myself.

5 Jun

Barely hanging on.

Doing everything I can to smile.

How many people really know the pain I’m in right now?

I hide it well when I want.

Pushing forward. Waiting for a breakthrough.

Just breathe. Slowly. In and out.

Moment by moment.

This time I have to save myself.