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Princess Felicity Grace Ch 10 Moonlit Festival

13 Jul

Once everyone was gathered and both parents approved of their attire, they royal family left the palace and began their walk to the beloved fair grounds. The royal family walked forward with dignity, their heads held high and a smile on their faces. As they entered the fair grounds, the cheers of peasants could be heard far and wide. With grace and charm the princess and her family kindly smiled and waved when appropriate.

Alejandro kept his straight expression and kept his eyes and ears open. Felicity’s older sister, Allera, elegantly and discreetly nudged Alejandro and whispered to him as she covered her mouth with a fan. “If you wish to blend in, you should at least try to smile,” she chuckled and fell back into her place with her future husband, some prince from a wealthy alliance of their kingdom.  Alejandro grimaced uncomfortable but sighed knowing she was probably right. The corner of his mouth turned up a little as he tried to smile. Felicity looked at Alejandro and nodded as she smiled. His face would have turned red had he not had more control, but hundreds of years of experience had trained him to conceal this. He finally managed a smile and after a while it came out naturally as he was having a good time.
Following the lead of the royals, Alejandro kept a happy appearance but was still on alert. After stopping to kiss some babies and say kind words to non royals, they finally reached their destination. There was a royal seating booth that only the Queen, King, and their closest friends could sit in. Felicity smiled kindly and before entering the booth and told him to stand until it was time to be seated.  He didn’t understand why they didn’t just sit down. He held back a sigh as he thought of royals and their many traditions.  Together the royal family stood proudly and smiled out at the crowds.

The kind cleared his throat and raised his scepter and a hush grew over the crowd. “Let the Moonlit festivities begin,” he exclaimed and a roar could be heard across the land as the many people cheered. Finally the royals took their seats and Alejandro followed suit.  Alejandro wondered what kind of festivities these people had put together for a moon party. He was pleasantly surprised however.  There were hundreds of circular tables adorned with beautiful china and other things you would see at a tea party. He nodded impressed; this was a late night garden party.

He looked up just as the royal chefs and butlers were setting up trays for each of the royals in the booth. There was one for him too he realized. Finger sandwiches, keesh, scones, and many other tasty little treats filled the platter. He was handed a menu with over 100 tea choices. He settled on the Bourbon Street Vanilla, it sounded delicious.

“Alejandro, which tea are you going to have? Normally I’m a little adventurous and I try new teas…but this year I’m sticking to my favorite, Bourbon Street Vanilla,” she said as she turned to look at him.

He chuckled softly. “That’s the one I picked to try Princess. If it’s your favorite I must have made a good choice,” he said as the tray of food was put in front of him and the tea menu was taken back.  The butler told him that his tea would be ready in about 20 minutes. Wow. They must have a huge kitchen and lots of chefs for this night, there were so many people that were going to drink tea. Too bad they didn’t have magic like he did, though he had to keep it secret among the humans.

The tea was just as good as he thought it would be. The sweet vanilla taste was not over powering but made a lovely balance to the tea. This was his new favorite. He made a mental note to himself to ask for more of this from now on. Tea was one of the few things that relaxed this demon prince.

“Princess, I understand why this is your favorite. It’s honestly one of the most perfectly blended and exquisite teas I have ever tasted, and I’ve tasted a lot in my time. It’s kind of a hobby of mine,” he explained.

“Ah! You and my sister have that in common! She’s a tea connoisseur. Right Liccy,” exclaimed her older sister Allera. Felicity blushed and nodded but added modestly that she wasn’t really an expert. The queen, upon hearing this conversation smiled and used this opportunity to try to bring him closer to the family, and hopefully her beloved daughter.

“Alejandro, if you like tea, you should come with us to Chi’Dong. It’s a very famous tea place we visit a couple times a year. They also have very nice hot springs,” she added and her husband chuckled softly, having experienced the same wit and charm before he had married her. He knew exactly what she was doing. Sure he would have to come along as a bodyguard, but with the invitation he would be joining the family in activities, not just watching them. Alejandro kindly said that he would like that a lot.

Alejandro continued making polite conversation with the royals. He was actually pretty entertained for a while. He had almost let his guard down. Almost. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and decided to scan the crowds and grounds again. You couldn’t be too careful. Depending on who was trying to kill the princess, a public execution might be what they want. Although with the last few attempts he’d heard about, they were getting pretty sloppy and desperate.

That’s when a sudden thought ran through his head. He was concerned but his face did not reveal so. Desperate people lead to desperate acts…things that they thought they could control, but most certainly couldn’t. Humans were delusional and cocky about control. He sensed it then…it wasn’t there yet but it was close by. Something sinister and powerful…something like him. One of his kind. He carefully thought over what his next steps should be. He needed to figure out who it was and who summoned it. Quickly he made some telepathic calls because he would need someone to do this work for him as he couldn’t leave the princess.

Ch. 9 The Beautiful Princess (PFG)

12 Jul

Princess Felicity gracefully walked out of her room, escorted by 2 of her ladies in waiting. Her hair was in a fancy half do. Half of her hair was up in a pony tail and the rest lay long and curly down her back. Glitter had been added to her hair and her makeup had been done in a subtle way to show off her natural beauty.  She wore clear heals similar to the ones we all know as Cinderella’s and they matched her beautiful silver ball gown.

She smiled as she approached the throne room where she would meet her family so they could go out to the fair grounds on the castle together. Her presence announced and the tall and very heavy wooden doors creaked open.

Alejandro was already there dressed in formal attire that mysteriously matched hers, probably the head matrons doing. He was talking to the king and queen when the room got silent. He turned around to see what was going on and stopped suddenly as he saw the princess enter the room. He stared quietly. He had seen many women in his long life, but none compared to the beauty of this young woman he had vowed to protect, which in the recent past, had only been out of boredom. He swallowed and bowed before her as he heard the whispers in the room of how lovely the princess was.

Alejandro then wondered why so many attempts had been on her life as of late. If he were them he would kidnap her and make her his bride. That seemed the logical thing. He cleared his head of that thought and scanned the room, he had momentarily let his guard down. Alejandro didn’t want anything to happen to the beloved princess.

Her parents smiled at her as she joined them. Her brothers and sisters hugged her and giggled as their parents stood from their thrones and gathered next to them. Guards quickly surrounded them and Alejandro blended in with the royal family and stay just behind Princess Felicity for extra security….or that’s what he claimed he was staying so close to them for.

Princess Felicity Grace Ch.5: Alejandro’s Room

1 May

The young servant girl hid her face as she was blushing and gestured for Alejandro to follow her. Alejandro was quiet and very observant, making mental notes on things in the castle, the servants, and anything suspicious.  After meeting several of the important servants, head chef, head maid, and people like that, he was showed to his room that was next door to Princess Felicity’s. He walked in as the maids and butlers had just finished cleaning and setting his things down for him. He grunted a short dismissal and they left him.

He looked over the room carefully and mumbled something to himself in Spanish. He took off his beloved Katana and set it down beside the bed.

“I still don’t know why I decided to come here,” he said aloud to himself. He laughed quietly and shook his head. Honestly boredom had led him here. He may look 21 years old, but he had about 500 years to him. Clearly he was no ordinary human being. He heard the King’s request for a protector for his oldest child and Alejandro had no idea why, but he felt drawn to come and ended up taking the job. He sighed and lay down on his new bed staring up at the ceiling. Just as he was starting to fall asleep, though he didn’t need much sleep, he heard a soft sound coming from close by followed by a beautifully angelic voice singing an old song filled with loneliness and sorrow, but also a feeling of hope. He sat up and realized it was coming from the princess’s room. He wondered which of her servants was doing that for her. It was so beautiful it had even mesmerized him. He decided that he wanted to take a peek.

PFG Ch. 4 The Closed Off Wing

24 Apr

She gave him a quick tour of the castle since she was already annoyed at being forced to spend a lot of time with someone she hardly knew. Forget the fact that he was intriguing, it was still wrong. She approached a closed off hallway in the northwest wing on the third floor and pointed.

“I don’t know why…but we aren’t allowed to go in that area…if you want to, you will have to discuss such matters with my father first,” she said before turning and moving on. Alejandro nodded and made a mental note. He wanted to know why that area was closed off for security purposes. That was the last place she showed him. She called for a servant. A young servant girl came scurrying over to them.

“Y-yes miss?” she asked as she curtsied.

“Show sir Alejandro his room please. He is to be my new body guard. I suppose father already told head matron where they wanted to put him. Oh…and please have someone bring up my favorite tea…I want to take a nap before the ball tonight,” she said simply and walked off to her room for some peace and quiet.

New Reflection: Time to Shine

28 Feb

(Prequel Is:  But You’ll Shine Again)

A young woman walked along the edge of the creek that had become her favorite place to just enjoy nature and get away from the fast paced life for a while. She giggled like a young girl as she dipped a toe in the cool water to test it out. She looked down in the water and smiled at her reflection, clearly remembering the last harsh meeting she had with her own reflection just a few years before. She touched her own cheek softly as she reminisced on the period that she hated her own reflection. How could she ever have had such self loathing? It had taken time, but she had finally realized her own value and worth as a human being and even more as a woman. As if reading her mind there was a flutter in her stomach. The look on her face changed to surprise and then complete awe as she gently caressed her belly that was now sprouting a small bump from the child that she carried. Yes, things were much better now. She had saved herself. Picked up her own pieces and moved forward with her life. The young woman smiled at her belly and looked up as she noticed the sky beginning to form a beautiful and unique painting as the world prepared for night time. She slipped her sandals back on and headed for home. Home. The word that use to sound so foreign. She laughed and smiled knowing she had found her place in the world.

A short story to Magic of Love

5 Oct

There once were two young lovers. The female was beyond beautiful and pure of heart. She dazzled people and was a joy to be around. The male was strong and courageous. He always stood up for what he believed in and would protect his lover with his life. They were raised together on palace grounds. One being a simple farmer and the other being the daughter of one of the wealthy ladies of the court. They were very happy until one day a terrible war would tear them apart. All the men of at least 16 years of age were called to fight to defend the kingdom.

During this time, the young seventeen year old waited everyday for her lover to return home. Her mother wished her to marry well and sought to set her up with someone higher in the courts. She would not hear of this and slowly started keeping to herself more and more. Everyday she would go up to the hill and watch soldiers slowly trickle back home, but she never saw her lover.

Three years passed and there were moments when she wanted to give up hope, but his promise to return to her kept her waiting. On a particularly chilly day, when the dew drops from the previous days rain clung onto the grasses and the trees, the young woman walked to the top of the hill like she did every day. It was more of a habit than anything now. She was about to go back to the palace when something caught her eye. A new platoon of soldiers was returning home.

Leading the platoon was a very handsome man with a black uniform and a sword hung on his side. She blinked her eyes because she thought she was dreaming. She didn’t believe it was real. She quickly turned away and sucked in a deep breath of air. At that moment her lover looked up and saw her. She felt his eyes and turned around to see him.

The world stopped for both of them and all they could see was each other. The young woman lifts up her dress and starts running towards him. Her dress is heavy though and she keeps falling. Frustrated see looks down at the ground she is now sitting on because she can’t seem to close the distance between them. Maybe this was another dream after all. A gentle hand lifts up her chin and helps her up. Her eyes fill with happy tears as she looks into her lovers eyes.

They smile at each other and he caresses her cheek as she runs a hand through his hair. All her waiting had paid off. He had kept his promise and made it safely back to her. He gently bent down to kiss her and she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought her lips to his passionately. His eyes widened for a moment in surprise and he closed his eyes and kissed her back passionately.

They slowly broke apart and he held her gently. Whispering in her ear of promises to never leave her again. His new ranking in the army had made him move up in the court, making him almost as good as a noble. He took her hand in his and gently led her back over to the path and they walked back home where they would start their new life together.



Princess Felicity Grace

9 Aug

Princess Felicity Grace

One of the stories I worked on a bit while I was away from here.

I like to write, but I also love to sing. I’m starting college classes on Monday (already got a head start on some hw) so I will be busy. I will keep trying to update for everyone. I really appreciate the followers I still have. ❤ Love you guys.