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Ch. 6 Following the Voice (PFG)

9 Jul

“Mmm. Yummy,” Felicity hummed quietly as she sipped on some vanilla chai tea that a servant had just brought her. Drinking tea helped her relax. After finishing the tea she tried to lie down and get some rest, but had no luck falling asleep. She sighed and got back out of bad deciding to play some music instead. She sat down at her harp because she wasn’t in the mood for the piano. She slowly began strumming an old tune that she had heard in a fairytale a long time ago.  The words flowed out of her effortlessly as she sang in a tongue that was foreign to most people in the modern day.  Felicity continued singing the mystical song and was unaware of her visitor that no doubt had been drawn by her voice as much as the lyrics.

Alejandro had cracked the door open and slowly entered, mesmerized by the fact that anyone in this age new the language and the fact that her voice was other worldly. It especially surprised him to find the princess to be the one playing the instrument and singing. She had closed her eyes and entered a world all on her own as she pictured her story of song coming to life. As she slowly came to the finish, Alejandro clapped for her with a smile on his face.

“That…was the most amazing thing I have heard in a VERY long time, Princess,” he said as he gave a slight bow.

Felicity looked up startled because she had been unaware of him entering her room. She blushed at the compliment because her music was something she mostly kept to herself and did for fun.  They both stayed silent trying to find words to say.