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Ch. 8 The Dress (Princess Felicity Grace)

11 Jul

Felicity thought she saw a certain look in his eye before he turned to leave but left it to think twas only her wild imagination running free. She got up from her throne like chair and rang her silver bell. Shortly after hearing the bell, her ladies in waiting came scrambling in. She had several dresses to choose from and she looked over each one carefully. The princess wanted to sort of go with the theme of the Moonlit Festival, so the colors had to be just right.
The first dress laid out was of burgundy red with gold trimmings around the edges. She waved her hand away to dismiss it. It was not right for tonight, perhaps a dinner or something, but not for the Moonlit Festival. She had to be stunning tonight. Though she couldn’t quite admit it yet, the princess wanted to impress her new knight in shining armor, Alejandro.
The second dress was a long white gown with simple lacing. Dismissed. Another gown of pure silver laid out in front of her. She paused and looked at the dress carefully. “Set it aside for now, I really like this one,” the princess demanded and then had them proceed.  The next dress was of deep blue with fancy gold embroidery. Just like the stars and the night sky. Just like the silver one it was breathtakingly beautiful. She sent the rest of the dresses away and sat down so she could carefully look at both dresses.
“Perhaps it would help if you tried it on m’lady,” one of her closest ladies suggested kindly. Felicity nodded and stood up as they scrambled around her to put on the dresses. It didn’t take long for her to know which one was right. They put the dress on her and finished her hair and make up to match.