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It Strikes Again!

10 May

Words won’t come to me…but I long to write.

Where is the secret wisdom that lies dormant inside?

Writer’s block has struck again

Witty words that had no end

This whole thing just doesn’t make sense

I hope nobody takes offense

Until I find some words to say

I will go to bed and dream away

The Chance I Took

28 Apr

Dinner lit by candle light

I think We finally got this right

Holding tight to what I know

Always afraid of letting go

Meeting you I took a chance

Your look on life “I hope you dance.”

Opening my eyes I find new things to see

Maybe this isn’t about only me

A greater purpose I do not yet know

But maybe together we’ll discover and show

It Starts With A Smile

15 Mar

A smile on your face can lead to new doors

A new way of thinking can get you much more

Open your heart and you will see

Many sights you never thought could be

Find the time to share some love

Share wishes and hopes and things from above

Remember these things when you are quite site

Because doing and feeling can make you quite glad.

New Reflection: Time to Shine

28 Feb

(Prequel Is:  But You’ll Shine Again)

A young woman walked along the edge of the creek that had become her favorite place to just enjoy nature and get away from the fast paced life for a while. She giggled like a young girl as she dipped a toe in the cool water to test it out. She looked down in the water and smiled at her reflection, clearly remembering the last harsh meeting she had with her own reflection just a few years before. She touched her own cheek softly as she reminisced on the period that she hated her own reflection. How could she ever have had such self loathing? It had taken time, but she had finally realized her own value and worth as a human being and even more as a woman. As if reading her mind there was a flutter in her stomach. The look on her face changed to surprise and then complete awe as she gently caressed her belly that was now sprouting a small bump from the child that she carried. Yes, things were much better now. She had saved herself. Picked up her own pieces and moved forward with her life. The young woman smiled at her belly and looked up as she noticed the sky beginning to form a beautiful and unique painting as the world prepared for night time. She slipped her sandals back on and headed for home. Home. The word that use to sound so foreign. She laughed and smiled knowing she had found her place in the world.

My Survival

27 Feb

Simply surviving.

My soul is thriving.

Moving forward.

With or without you.

Take my hand

Let us see

where this crazy life wants us to be.

A Lost Voice

7 Oct

“Where have you been?” I ask my own voice again.

“I never left,” my voice replies.

I frown and look down at my hands on my lap, confused and torn by my little mishap.

Stuck inside myself for years with no words coming out. It’s no wonder I question what my life is about.

Feelings there, unidentified to me, but I long to name them so they can be free.

I want to explain in words all my feelings so deep and true. I want to tell all my feelings to the one and only you.

In order to achieve this, I need to find my voice, no matter what it takes…this is my choice.

Floetry? (Random)

27 Aug

A nice hot bath and some light sweet wine to ease the pain of my troubled mind.

Some of these hoes ain’t got no class, I guess they need to be reminded with a good kick in the ass.

A friend so true who is crazy and fun, meeting her was like hitting a home run.

Waiting for the man who has entered my life, to come and say, “Baby be my wife.”

(errrr…i dunno what that was about. It just randomly came out like that. So this is what you guys get. ❤ thanks for reading anyway)