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It Strikes Again!

10 May

Words won’t come to me…but I long to write.

Where is the secret wisdom that lies dormant inside?

Writer’s block has struck again

Witty words that had no end

This whole thing just doesn’t make sense

I hope nobody takes offense

Until I find some words to say

I will go to bed and dream away


17 Apr

A smile on any face can disguise a cold heart.

A warm smile can actually tear someone apart.

Though I hold onto nothing

One thing is still true

I hold onto nothing…but that nothing is you.

For You

28 Jan

If only you could see yourself through my eyes…maybe then you would understand how much and why I love you. Your bravery, your sense of humor, the way you laugh, your smile, the way your eyes light up when you truly smile, how underneath your tough exterior you have one of the kindest hearts I know. I could spend all day writing things I love you about you…it’s easier putting words down then saying them out loud…because this is what flows from my heart. I put up with everything that I do because I love you so much…and underneath everything I know you can and will give me what I deserve and more.


19 Jul

A coward is what you are.

Always running away when things get hard.

Weren’t you the one who told me to be strong?

Looks like you were the weak one all along.

I was too blind to see,

But now it’s not you who sees right through me.

It’s all an act, that tough hard shell,

But now I know you all too well.

You’re really vulnerable deep inside,

That’s why you are playing games and trying to hide.


I love you

25 Jun

I love you.

I love the things you do.

I love the time we spend together.

I can be with you through any weather.

I love your laugh.

You really are my other half.

I love our long talks at night.

I love the little things you do to make my day right.

Your arms always make me feel safe and sound

and I really do hope you will always be around.

The future is bright for us just you wait and see.

I love you baby, and that’s the way it should be.