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A short story to Magic of Love

5 Oct

There once were two young lovers. The female was beyond beautiful and pure of heart. She dazzled people and was a joy to be around. The male was strong and courageous. He always stood up for what he believed in and would protect his lover with his life. They were raised together on palace grounds. One being a simple farmer and the other being the daughter of one of the wealthy ladies of the court. They were very happy until one day a terrible war would tear them apart. All the men of at least 16 years of age were called to fight to defend the kingdom.

During this time, the young seventeen year old waited everyday for her lover to return home. Her mother wished her to marry well and sought to set her up with someone higher in the courts. She would not hear of this and slowly started keeping to herself more and more. Everyday she would go up to the hill and watch soldiers slowly trickle back home, but she never saw her lover.

Three years passed and there were moments when she wanted to give up hope, but his promise to return to her kept her waiting. On a particularly chilly day, when the dew drops from the previous days rain clung onto the grasses and the trees, the young woman walked to the top of the hill like she did every day. It was more of a habit than anything now. She was about to go back to the palace when something caught her eye. A new platoon of soldiers was returning home.

Leading the platoon was a very handsome man with a black uniform and a sword hung on his side. She blinked her eyes because she thought she was dreaming. She didn’t believe it was real. She quickly turned away and sucked in a deep breath of air. At that moment her lover looked up and saw her. She felt his eyes and turned around to see him.

The world stopped for both of them and all they could see was each other. The young woman lifts up her dress and starts running towards him. Her dress is heavy though and she keeps falling. Frustrated see looks down at the ground she is now sitting on because she can’t seem to close the distance between them. Maybe this was another dream after all. A gentle hand lifts up her chin and helps her up. Her eyes fill with happy tears as she looks into her lovers eyes.

They smile at each other and he caresses her cheek as she runs a hand through his hair. All her waiting had paid off. He had kept his promise and made it safely back to her. He gently bent down to kiss her and she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought her lips to his passionately. His eyes widened for a moment in surprise and he closed his eyes and kissed her back passionately.

They slowly broke apart and he held her gently. Whispering in her ear of promises to never leave her again. His new ranking in the army had made him move up in the court, making him almost as good as a noble. He took her hand in his and gently led her back over to the path and they walked back home where they would start their new life together.



I Hope You Dance. For Gracie.

11 Jul

I made this video and sang this song as a birthday gift for my bestie. ❤ I literally used sound recorder on my laptop so the sound quality isn't that great. The pictures are pretty though. I love this song. Sit it out or dance? I don't know about you, but I like to dance.



10 Jul

There is a bit of a Rockstar in all of us. We are all talented and special in our own way. Are you what you always wanted to be? I’m not yet…but I’m getting there!


Marilyn Monroe

19 Jun

I really like this song. Especially some of the lines. “If you can’t handle my worst, you ain’t getting my best.” Since I am taking my time writing some special things right now, please enjoy this lovely song instead. Love all my readers. ❤ Many blessing. ~Aurora