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Last Chance.

12 Jun

I’ve not yet finished blooming. This could be your last chance. Don’t miss out on something beautiful. The clock is ticking away and before you know it your time will be up and you will be called a fool for missing your chance.Don’t let the time we’ve spent be wasted. Don’t you know that you helped start this transformation, into something so beautiful no eye has yet seen. Oh, I will shine. I want you to be there by my side when I do. I understand if it’s too much for you….but it would be sad to look out and see you just another face in the crowd when you could have had this. You could have had it all. Didn’t I tell you that you were special? That you would go far, and you could make a difference? Yes, I certainly did. That is a potential you have…that you told me I have. I am taking my chance. I want to shine. Make a difference. You say you want to…but why lose your chance with me? Why be by yourself? I know it’s hard for you to see, but baby, we would be good together. Don’t you worry though. If you miss your chance, I’ll be just fine on my own! Strength inside me still lies undiscovered. For without you I may or may not find another. I don’t need anyone by my side. I just chose you. Now YOU make the choice…this is your last chance.