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A Blooming Love?

13 Jun

Just like I am blooming, a love is blooming as well. It is in a very fragile state and something so small could forever sabotage that tiny bond. Where do we go from this point? We are barely hanging on. Our problems lies within change. Not only am I changing, but you are as well. I, blooming into the beautiful woman I want to become, and you into the strong and brave man who only wants to help and make a difference. You….pulling further away from people…and I…drawing closer. Maybe I should be strong, take a deep breath, and let go. Who knows what will happen. I am young and this just may not be my time. I know that I have something special here. Time to trust my heavenly father and hand this over to him. May he take it where he wants it to be.

I must save myself.

5 Jun

Barely hanging on.

Doing everything I can to smile.

How many people really know the pain I’m in right now?

I hide it well when I want.

Pushing forward. Waiting for a breakthrough.

Just breathe. Slowly. In and out.

Moment by moment.

This time I have to save myself.