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Ch 7. A Wicked Gleam (PFG)

11 Jul

After some silence that felt less awkward then it should have, Felicity blushed and stood up facing him. “Thank you very much sir, I didn’t know I had company,” she spoke to him as she curtsied politely. He chuckled to himself inside his head and apologized for not making his presence known sooner. “It was my pleasure though m’lady. It really was gorgeous singing. If you have some time, I would like to go over some security procedures for tonight’s festival. Nothing too elaborate, I just want to assure you that you will be more protected then you have been as of late and tonight should go without incident,” he said kindly.
Felicity nodded and took a seat in a chair near her window. She really looked the part of a queen, which she would no doubt be some day. She waved her hand to let him know to continue. Usually this would be rather boring for our beloved princess, but since Alejandro was doing the talking, there was nothing boring about it. She nodded doing her best to listen carefully.
Alejandro noticed something in her eye and brought his procedures to a close. “I’m sorry for having to go over the boring stuff princess. We are done with that now. I will leave now so you can get ready for the Moonlit Festival…if I may be so bold to ask…is anyone accompanying you tonight?” he asked sounding amused at his own thoughts.
Felicity blushed and shook her head. “Well not in any way that’s too important. My father has me meeting another prince tonight. We use to play together when we were little. He was rather boring though. I hope he’s at least improved at conversation, otherwise I may end up falling asleep tonight.” She laughed softly.
“I see…”Alejandro said and bowed before turning away with a wicked gleam in his eye.


10 Jun

A smile is enough to warm the heart.

A smile spreads bundles of joy.

A smile is a very beautiful thing.

A smile is a friendly way to say hello.

A smile is a comfort on a cloudy day.

A smile can go a long, long way.

A smile is acceptable no matter the time.

So I’m sending you smiles from the heart,

in hopes that we will never be torn apart.