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A Lost Voice

7 Oct

“Where have you been?” I ask my own voice again.

“I never left,” my voice replies.

I frown and look down at my hands on my lap, confused and torn by my little mishap.

Stuck inside myself for years with no words coming out. It’s no wonder I question what my life is about.

Feelings there, unidentified to me, but I long to name them so they can be free.

I want to explain in words all my feelings so deep and true. I want to tell all my feelings to the one and only you.

In order to achieve this, I need to find my voice, no matter what it takes…this is my choice.


19 Jul

A coward is what you are.

Always running away when things get hard.

Weren’t you the one who told me to be strong?

Looks like you were the weak one all along.

I was too blind to see,

But now it’s not you who sees right through me.

It’s all an act, that tough hard shell,

But now I know you all too well.

You’re really vulnerable deep inside,

That’s why you are playing games and trying to hide.