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The Small Things

12 Feb

So here’s the thing. Everyone in your life is going to let you down in some way at one point or another, more than likely once. Now most of them won’t even do this intentionally. Obviously the people close to you don’t want to hurt you. Let’s just face it though, it’s going to happen.

Most of us have been told this on more than occasion. So you think you’d be use to you when it happens? Or at least expect it from certain people. Even expecting it doesn’t prepare your for the sting when it does happen. Especially when you know it’s not intentional and you really don’t know how or don’t want to tell them how it made you feel.

I’m really really bad about this. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, so usually if my feelings are really really hurt, I don’t let that person know. I know they would most likely feel bad for making me feel that way or even worse, not understand why I feel that way and get upset at me for it.

I had a small disappointment today, one that I expected, but it still hurt me and upset me when it happened. The biggest annoyance to me, is that it really was something small. Then I thought about it and it lead to a spiral of me thinking about other people in my life who have let me down and how I’ve always been told that this is just going to happen.

Now I feel bad for feeling this way and I’m too scared to tell anyone that I feel this way…and it’s all the little things lately that are weighing me don’t. I’m not sure why. It’s not like my life sucks or anything. I’m pretty happy right now and have a lot to look forward to…but I feel guilty for feeling the way I do now.

I know this feeling will pass, maybe even within the hour. It will most likely be something small :p since though small things can weigh me down, it’s usually the smallest things that mean the most to me and make me the happiest.

Sorry for spilling my guts to you guys right now. I’m just working through some stuff.

How do you guys get through the small things that aren’t significant and weren’t intentional?

Thanks for listening to me tonight. Hopefully someone can feel a little better reading this and knowing they aren’t alone. It really does get better!

Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to post next time. :p Hopefully everyone is well.

Good night, good morning, happy birthday, or whatever else it may be when you are reading this.

Love Always,


Happy Saturday!

18 Oct

Happy Saturday lovely readers! Today I want to encourage everyone to read something, though honestly, I’m sure most of you do and you’re not the ones I really wish would read something. Haha.

But just find something nice to stimulate your mind today. Fiction or non fiction. Happy or sad. Just something to enjoy but also get you thinking. Sadly, especially where I come from, a lot of people don’t use their brains anymore. I’m frustrated with how many people I see that just blindly follow things and never question anything. It’s almost sad, but when it starts effecting gov laws and every day life, it gets a bit frustrating.

I was always taught, from a very young age, to question everything! It’s ok. It’s healthy and normal to question things. It’s supposed to help you learn more about yourself and what you understand, what you believe.

You know, thinking about it, I believe that because we live in such a fast paced society, that probably has a lot to do with the issues that I’m frustrated with. People don’t stop and take the time too read because it’s too long. People aren’t having good communications with friends and family because they are always doing something else on their phone or computer whenever they are talking. I know not everyone is like that…but I see so many people do this and it really makes me sad.

We are taking for granted some of the most important parts of human life! Remember to take time to do something for yourself, to educate yourself a little more, to make yourself happy, to make someone else happy, to cherish those around you that you love! You never know when it’s their last day or yours.

Sorry this post was all over the place. I just have a lot on my mind. :p Obviously.

I think I’m going to find something good to read and relax for now. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Please take care!

Best Wishes,



9 Apr

Trust nobody. Trust nobody. Trust nobody. 

I’ve been telling myself this for years.

The voice whispers in my ear. “They’ll only hurt you.”

Trust nobody. “You’ll break again.”

Trust nobody. “They don’t mean what they say.”

Trust nobody. “They don’t really like you.”

Trust nobody. “Family? They have to “like” you”.”

Trust nobody. “They all speak the same lies. They never follow through.”

Hold your head up. Smile. Tell them you trust them.

Inside it just eats me alive and grows like a monster until I feel like I’m being swallowed whole.

Tearing myself apart.

Pushing myself away from people that really care about me.

Trust nobody. 

But I want to trust again.

Trust nobody.

I don’t know how to break the cycle I’m in.

Trust nobody. 

Something’s got to change.

Trust nobody. Trust nobody.

When does it end? I have to take the first step. 

But still the monster whispers, “Trust nobody.”



What is?

14 Mar

What is a relationship?



  1. The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.
  2. The state of being connected by blood or marriage.

Are two people only in a relationship if they call it by a name, label, or status? Personally I don’t think so. We spend so much time trying to name things…some obvious and are ok like sister, daughter, friend, husband…but then things get a little crazy. People feel the need to describe things…I understand it to an extent. When you are friends with benefits, it’s complicated, in an open relationship, mutual understanding, or other crazy things…just stop. Either you are available or you aren’t. That’s up for you to decide.  I think a lot of time we get so caught up in titles that we forget to enjoy the moment. We forget to enjoy all the little things. Is it really so necessary to share every little detail of your relationship with the rest of the world? Sure you can share very happy moments, or ask some close friends for advice, but there is no need to let everyone know you are fighting or what it’s about, or to share very private moments. Some things are just for you two. If you share them with others…it destroys some of the intimacy. Some things are meant to share between two people to make your bond stronger. I’ve heard them called inside jokes or other things of that nature.

I guess I just want to say to people…to enjoy what you have…and if you’re not happy, fix it or let go. Stop focusing on the nit picky details. Otherwise you’re probably going to miss out on some amazing moments with people you care about! So enjoy what you have while you have it. You never know when it will be gone. So give it all you’ve got…and try to make the best of it. 😀

New Reflection: Time to Shine

28 Feb

(Prequel Is:  But You’ll Shine Again)

A young woman walked along the edge of the creek that had become her favorite place to just enjoy nature and get away from the fast paced life for a while. She giggled like a young girl as she dipped a toe in the cool water to test it out. She looked down in the water and smiled at her reflection, clearly remembering the last harsh meeting she had with her own reflection just a few years before. She touched her own cheek softly as she reminisced on the period that she hated her own reflection. How could she ever have had such self loathing? It had taken time, but she had finally realized her own value and worth as a human being and even more as a woman. As if reading her mind there was a flutter in her stomach. The look on her face changed to surprise and then complete awe as she gently caressed her belly that was now sprouting a small bump from the child that she carried. Yes, things were much better now. She had saved herself. Picked up her own pieces and moved forward with her life. The young woman smiled at her belly and looked up as she noticed the sky beginning to form a beautiful and unique painting as the world prepared for night time. She slipped her sandals back on and headed for home. Home. The word that use to sound so foreign. She laughed and smiled knowing she had found her place in the world.

Pushing Through

11 Aug

Many times in life we are faced with lots of difficult tasks and decisions. It feels like the world is against us. Sometimes you just want to give up and lie down. I’ve learned a lot this week about this. I have realized that sometimes you just need to keeping pushing through, push just a little more to get what you want. Not all things are easy to come by. The best things in life are meant to be earned. It’s more rewarding that way and you certainly appreciate it more. Yes, I know, when it rains it pours. That’s why you have to love yourself first. Then build yourself a positive community of friends and family or whoever, that will support you and help you when you need it. Something else useful for you during these times…is simply KNOWING YOUR RESOURCES. There are so many people out there…and their jobs are to help. Ask questions. Someone should at least be able to direct you in the right direction. More often than not you’re going to have to speak to multiple people, several times, before you get what you need accomplished. If you get overwhelmed (which believe me…I’ve been there too) then take a step back for a moment and relax. You can only push things so far and things can only move so fast. Go to your happy place, talk to someone who will listen. Distract yourself. WANTING to feel better also helps. Sometimes when we get stuck in that rut…I’ll be the first to admit to feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes you just wanna stay that way. It’s easy to throw a pity party. You’re not getting anything accomplished doing that though. Just keeping pushing through. Things will get better…and if you don’t get what you want…then something better is most likely on the way for you. Just wait your turn. 🙂

~Love Aurora

My Sweetest Poison

18 Jul

My sweetest poison is always on my mind.

I can feel its presence surround me even when it’s not close by.

The scent lingers all around me, even on my skin.

Time to sit back and let this all soak in.

Where have you gone? Why have you left me so?

My sweetest poison, I love you, it’s a fact don’t you know.

The feel of your lips, the touch of your skin,

Oh what I wouldn’t give to have it all again.

Safe in your arms, the sweet sound of your voice,

Please believe that giving you up wasn’t my choice.

My sweetest poison I have waited for you,

And though I’m taking a break, it’s still waiting too.

Without you close by I feel a loneliness so deep

That no words can explain and I can only weep.

Sweetest poison you are like a drug.

More and more I have of you but I can’t get enough.

Dizzy from your highs, blue from your lows,

Baby I just want our love to grow.

Here’s the thing about me and you,

I think that I need you to love me too.

My sweetest poison can’t you see,

Your sweetest poison has to be ME.Image

In Loving Memory of Journee Paige

20 Jun


Dearest little angel above,

please never question how much you are loved.

Missed and cherished is what you are,

very near in our hearts though you are so far.

It’s hard to believe you would have been thirteen,

though maybe you got lucky cuz kids at that age are mean.

I remember the silly things that you use to do

with jake, aunt lissa, nicky and chris too.

You should see all the people missing you today,

wishing that you had got the chance a little longer to stay.

I know you wouldn’t want us sad and are probably finding ways to make us laugh

because you never were one to like others being sad on your behalf.

Knowing this I want to celebrate today

because up there you’re having a party that would blow ours away.

One last thing to say before I go,

please watch over us and let it show.




Just some things I am thankful for.

18 Jun

First of all I am thankful for my family. I love my sister to pieces and she is the only blood sister I have. I would do anything for her, as some of you may have read. I would be lost without her because she helps me through my hard times. I am very thankful for my parents. They have done what they could to steer me in the right direction and support what I do. I think they have been pretty successful this far. I love them both so much and try to enjoy the time that I have left with them. I am also thankful for some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for. I don’t always think I deserve them, but I am very blessed that they stick around. I want to thank my readers so much for the time you spend on my blog, for the lovely comments, and friendly advice. It is so much appreciated. Lastly but certainly not the least, I am thankful for the one above who cherishes me and loves me know matter what. He has great plans for me and I hope I get to see some of those soon.

For My Sister

15 Jun

I know we don’t always get along, but the truth is, I wouldn’t trade you for anyone in the world. We have a special bond that only we understand and we know when something is wrong with the other. I love you so much and I would do anything for you. You are getting to those critical teen years, and I’m not gonna lie, they aren’t always going to be easy. Just remember, you have me. I’m always on your side no matter what. I don’t care what anyone else tells you, you are a very intelligent, very beautiful, and an incredibly talented young lady and I know you will blossom into something wonderful. Just don’t rush to get there. I love you sissy.Image