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Being a Domo

18 Aug

Domo is a fairly new and common term. It is short for dog mom. Personally, there is a lot more controversy about this than there should be. I think it’s quite funny.

It’s not like Domo’s are hurting anyone. I’m a Domo myself and I just like to mind my own business. Some people claim that this isn’t real parenting and that we shouldn’t call ourselves this. However, some don’t realize how much a Domo actually does. Some dogs require special care. Some Domo’s take their dogs everywhere.

I’ve had to take steps for my health and my dogs health. Both of us have anxiety and my dog has severe separation anxiety when she isn’t with me. So we are getting everything ready for her to be my ESA (Emotional Support Animal).

Still, she is  like a child to me. I feed her everyday. I brush her and give her coconut oil. She sleeps with us, (and let me tell you, she is a pillow thief!) Some people can never have children and dogs can be like children to people. Some people have children and dogs, but they are all children in their eyes. Dogs are so much a part of families now a days.

It’s not like domo’s are asking for child support or welfare for their dogs. Unless they are actually causing harm to people, then I see no reason why they can’t refer to their dogs as their own children.

Everyone, of course, is entitled to their own opinions. We must RESPECT each other’s opinions and if we don’t agree and their is no harm in the opinion, then mind your own beez-wax! I’m sure a lot of us heard that growing up.

So, whether you see your dog as your child or a pet…just love them…and BE KIND to each other. 🙂

The top picture is when I had to be away from my dog for a while and I first picked her up again. She was as happy to see me as I was to see her!

The bottom picture is just her smiling in front of the fan (We have an AC now, thank goodness!)

SAM_0669 - Copy.JPG