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Princess Felicity Grace Ch.5: Alejandro’s Room

1 May

The young servant girl hid her face as she was blushing and gestured for Alejandro to follow her. Alejandro was quiet and very observant, making mental notes on things in the castle, the servants, and anything suspicious.  After meeting several of the important servants, head chef, head maid, and people like that, he was showed to his room that was next door to Princess Felicity’s. He walked in as the maids and butlers had just finished cleaning and setting his things down for him. He grunted a short dismissal and they left him.

He looked over the room carefully and mumbled something to himself in Spanish. He took off his beloved Katana and set it down beside the bed.

“I still don’t know why I decided to come here,” he said aloud to himself. He laughed quietly and shook his head. Honestly boredom had led him here. He may look 21 years old, but he had about 500 years to him. Clearly he was no ordinary human being. He heard the King’s request for a protector for his oldest child and Alejandro had no idea why, but he felt drawn to come and ended up taking the job. He sighed and lay down on his new bed staring up at the ceiling. Just as he was starting to fall asleep, though he didn’t need much sleep, he heard a soft sound coming from close by followed by a beautifully angelic voice singing an old song filled with loneliness and sorrow, but also a feeling of hope. He sat up and realized it was coming from the princess’s room. He wondered which of her servants was doing that for her. It was so beautiful it had even mesmerized him. He decided that he wanted to take a peek.

Jenna Marbles GMA (good morning america)-

22 Apr

WARNING some language is included.


Recently Cecilia Vega, from Good Morning America, interviewed internet sensation Jenna Marbles. Jenna is a lively and friendly young woman who enjoys entertaining her fans. She has a wonderful personality and her fans love how funny she is. Jenna commented on the interview and a lot of us were disappointed with what she said, “spent about an hour or so having an actual interview with her. Most of the questions included more and more insulting ways to prod me with “why should anyone care” and “no one does care because who the fuck are you.” What seemed even more embarrassing was her emphasis on “getting to know who you are because no one in the real world does” even though I had already been interviewed almost two years prior via webcam.”  Really? That’s just rude. I watched the interview myself and the tone of the women that introduced the interview and the reporter was rude and belittling. Mostly it seemed to focus on the negatives, the inappropriate content of her videos for younger viewers such as language, sex, and alcohol. They mentioned that many parents don’t like her videos. Well newsflash. Try monitoring what your kids watch. Besides, being a fan myself I see that she has fans of a variety of ages from under 10 to over 40. She has a great personality and unlike most of the media we see today, she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Sure some of the content isn’t appropriate for all ages, but that’s where parenting comes in. They also make commenting that her videos about “nothing” are what got her so popular. It just so happens that billions of fans look forward to these videos every week. Some are more serious and talk about things in life, her opinion on marriage, or things that bother her at the airport, while other videos are showing her dogs and just being silly/having fun. It’s funny because it seems they were trying to put her down in hopes that her and other internet sensations will be forgotten so people can get on with “the real world”. I think that this is going make her more popular. Especially because more and more people will be curious as to who she is and what she does. This does not look good for GMA. At best I thought it was immature and lacking an understanding of the world of technology we like in today. It’s also funny how it was failed to mention that Miss Jenna actually has a  BS in Psychology and stayed for graduate school where she received a Masters in Sport Psychology and Counseling from Boston University. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you can do it in a polite way. I say check out the videos for yourself and be your own judge. Fans have been behind Jenna since she posted the interview saying things like,

“She is jealous. She works “hard” everyday and she doesn’t have as many people that like her (and this proved why). You are a genuinely good and funny person. But I know you won’t let haters get you down! Keep doing what you are doing as long as YOU enjoy it. We love you Jenna.” –Me

“only teens and tweens like her? I’m an adult and a parent and I love her, Marbles & Kermit! Jenna’s videos about “nothing” are something I look forward to every week. Agreeing with previous posters, to the parents who her a problem with her, maybe you should get off your ass and monitor what your kids do online” BK

“I’m 48 and love them. I recently discovered my 10 year-old watches too. That makes 2 more of us non-teenagers. What a bunch of idiots” LK

Many more comments like this can be found on her fb and blog. We support you Jenna!


This site supports Jenna and respectfully demands an apology to Jenna.





Jenna Marbles FB page

Jenna Marbles Youtube Videos


Vanessa Carlton Twilight- Cover by me

12 Apr


I just love this song and I felt like singing to relieve some stress last night. I sang it through once then recorded it. So it’s not my best but I had fun. The lyrics are very meaningful to me. I hope you enjoy.


SO I have to redo this…I accidentally deleted my old youtube account and lost all my old videos. :/

Describing Feelings?

11 Apr

Words. Feelings. Logic. I notice that a lot of people now a days are tending to say things like “don’t rely on your feelings,” and while there is an amount of logic that is necessary to maintain balance, feelings and emotions are a huge part of life too and they should not be ignored. A while back I was struggling because I had so much to say but I just couldn’t find the words to say it. Encouragement came that I would find the words and eventually I found some that were pretty suitable…but they were just that. It occurred to me recently….that so much focus is spent on describing things. Describing feelings and other things. Honestly there are some things that were never meant to be put into words. For example some of the best things are seen and not heard; sunsets, flowers, that look in the grooms eye as he sees his bride walking down the aisle. Some things are heard; the ocean, music, an “I love you,” from mother to child. And some things…some things are felt; a kiss on the lips, a comforting hug, and love. Love simply is. It is not something to be bound and defined by words. Today’s new generation of people are binding things by words. If they can’t describe it, it is ignored. There is a fear of things one cannot put into words. Feelings people don’t know how to deal with because they can’t describe it in words. I see more and more people running from their feelings. It’s ok to not be able to describe how you feel. I think if they are no words for how you are feeling…then you are having very powerful emotions. You should take that and use it. Make yourself stronger, take an extra step. Instead of being afraid…learn to embrace what you are feeling and use it to benefit yourself.

What is?

14 Mar

What is a relationship?



  1. The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.
  2. The state of being connected by blood or marriage.

Are two people only in a relationship if they call it by a name, label, or status? Personally I don’t think so. We spend so much time trying to name things…some obvious and are ok like sister, daughter, friend, husband…but then things get a little crazy. People feel the need to describe things…I understand it to an extent. When you are friends with benefits, it’s complicated, in an open relationship, mutual understanding, or other crazy things…just stop. Either you are available or you aren’t. That’s up for you to decide.  I think a lot of time we get so caught up in titles that we forget to enjoy the moment. We forget to enjoy all the little things. Is it really so necessary to share every little detail of your relationship with the rest of the world? Sure you can share very happy moments, or ask some close friends for advice, but there is no need to let everyone know you are fighting or what it’s about, or to share very private moments. Some things are just for you two. If you share them with others…it destroys some of the intimacy. Some things are meant to share between two people to make your bond stronger. I’ve heard them called inside jokes or other things of that nature.

I guess I just want to say to people…to enjoy what you have…and if you’re not happy, fix it or let go. Stop focusing on the nit picky details. Otherwise you’re probably going to miss out on some amazing moments with people you care about! So enjoy what you have while you have it. You never know when it will be gone. So give it all you’ve got…and try to make the best of it. 😀

Liebster Award

26 Feb


11 Questions I Need to Answer

1.  When did you start blogging? May 2012

2.  What is the Best part of blogging? Just sharing a little bit of my world with other people.

3.  If you could be anytime in history where would you be? medieval times

4.  What is your favorite food? Italian Food!

5.  Why did you start blogging? I just wanted to write.

6.  What is the Worst part of blogging? Writer’s Block…when sometimes you have so many ideas you can’t keep up…and then nothing.

7.  Tell something about you? I LOVE chocolate…I actually start to get moody without it.

8.  American Football or Soccer (Football)? Soccer

9.  Do you prefer to be Hot or cold? Hot…I hate being cold…but then again…I can always put on more clothes…but I can only take so many off.

10.  Are you Cat or dog person? Dogs!!!

11.  Who is your favorite James Bond? I have no idea…sorry. xD















1. When did you start blogging and why? May 2012. I wanted to write and for someone to read it if they happened upon it. :3 I have a story to tell too.

2. What’s your favorite food? Italian Food…and i LOVE cheese sticks.

3. What’s your favorite place in the entire world/why? The beach! It’s so amazing…I just love the sound of the waves…everything looks beautiful…the sand between my toes feels great! It must be a clean beach of course…but I don’t have a specific one at the moment.

4. Coke or Pepsi? Coca-Cola everyday…but not really…that’s bad for your stomach and teeth. Still love it though.

5. You just won $50,000 what do you use it for? I would pay off all my bills and loans…then set up a savings account with the rest….after spoiling myself a bit. Hey. I deserve it after this year. I’m sure you all do too.

6. Who is your favorite actor/actress? Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev

7. What’s your favorite book? asjkf ss f why don’t I think about these things first? Haha…um honestly…I like too many to really name. Sorry.

8. If you could go back anywhere in time to meet one person…who would it be and why? Um I didn’t think about answering this myself when I wrote the question. xD I guess I would go back and meet Ian Somerhalder back before Vampire Diaries started…because I love his facial expression and he loves hugs. He seems like a gentle guy.

9. Do you often have a specific muse or inspiration? Yes…more than they know.

10. What is the one thing you want most out of life? My own happy family

11. Does answering questions like this kind of make you feel like a celebrity? um yea.

Gosh. I’m so surprised and honored to have been nominated for this award. It is my first award. It is an awesome privilege to also share some bloggers that I really enjoy reading. There were just so many. And some that I didn’t put deserve bigger awards than this.