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Isn’t it funny?

21 Feb

Isn’t it funny how life just goes on? With or without you…People are dying and being born…the weather is changing…(or not in some places on the east coast in America. haha)

In all seriousness. You can just feel stuck…your whole word can be shattered in an instant…you feel frozen in time as your heart bleeds…but the world around you doesn’t stop. It keeps moving.

It kind of seems unfair. In a way it’s even more painful…why doesn’t the world stop with you? Well…maybe it’s just to make your transition back in easier when you’re ready. One day you’ll realize that yea…it never stopped…and you never really did either…maybe in your own way…but now you’re ok enough to move forward with the world again.


One step at a time.

Deep Breath.

You’ll be ok.

Another thing about this Crazy thing we call life

2 Sep

Yesterday was a pretty surreal day for me. There was a birth and a death on the same day, two people that I know. I was excited and more than happy to welcome my friends son in the world. The miracle of life is something I always happily celebrate. It wasn’t long after, that someone from my old school passed away after being taken off of life support. I didn’t know him well, but he was my age. This caused me to draw back a little and enter into a world that is all my own. I needed time to think. To process all of this.  One life comes in…another life leaves. Life is a cycle. It keeps going on no matter what, even if your world seems to have come to a stop. Just like the sun is always in the sky, the cycle of life continues every moment of every day.  I was quickly reminded that life is short! You never know if you are going to get tomorrow. So celebrate what you have today. Cherish those you love.