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Hello Lovely Readers!

17 Oct

I have a few posts I’ve been working on, but I’ve been a little busy. I promise I will get to them as soon as I can. I hope you all are doing well! It is finally ALMOST feeling like autumn where I am! The hottest it’s been this week is 80, so we are finally getting there! Although I need to find my jeans! They are somewhere packed away with winter clothes.

So I hope everyone is staying safe. If anyone has any requests or stories they want me to comment on, then please let me know in the comments or on my fb page and I would be more than happy to check it out!

I’ve been watching an old show from my child hood, Sailor Moon, and I’m REALLY enjoying it.

What are some of your fav shows from childhood that you would love to watch again?

Comment Below Let Me Know!


30 Sep

I had a pretty long post for today, but something happened and everything was deleted. I’m pretty sad really!

Oh well I guess it happens.

So now I’m going to do something a little different.

If anyone has pictures of autumn where they are from, I invite you to share them with me! I just love autumn. You can send fall fashion, scenery foods, whatever. As long as it has to do with autumn, I think it will be cool!

Today I challenge everyone to get a little fresh air if possible. Whether that’s going outside and sitting down, taking a short walk, or just opening your windows for a while. Do whatever you can to get some fresh air and/or sunshine! This can do so much to lift your spirits and can improve your health as well!

I’m keeping this post short since I had over 700 words on the other one that disappeared. I thought it was saving to a draft, but it didn’t. Oh well! Lesson learned! Even if I am on a roll, do my best to try to save multiple times!

I hope you all have the most wonderful day!

With love and best wishes


Hello everyone

21 Sep

Sorry it’s been a while. I was in a move again and had a lot going on. I am ok and I am enjoying it here.

It’s almost fall here on the west coast in Cali! Officially it starts Tuesday. Hehe. It doesn’t feel like it though! It was still in the 100’s last week. Cooled down for a few days but it’s already warming back up. That’s ok. More pool time for me! 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well. 😀 I’m very excited for the approaching season! I have some new clothes coming! I’ve had a few requests to do a review on the site and the clothes. Not sure if I will blog it or attempt to make a video. I will do something though. Not sure if I will do it on here since that’s not my usual work. xD This is my blog however, so if I want to change it up or do something different I will.

That being said, I hope you all are still doing positive things in your day! Even a little smile can brighten a day.

Today I want to ask you guys a few questions!

1. What’s your favorite season and why?

2. What are some things you love about fall?

3. Are you looking forward to anything particular this fall?

Please leave me your answers! I love to hear from you guys!

As always, with love,