9 Apr

Trust nobody. Trust nobody. Trust nobody. 

I’ve been telling myself this for years.

The voice whispers in my ear. “They’ll only hurt you.”

Trust nobody. “You’ll break again.”

Trust nobody. “They don’t mean what they say.”

Trust nobody. “They don’t really like you.”

Trust nobody. “Family? They have to “like” you”.”

Trust nobody. “They all speak the same lies. They never follow through.”

Hold your head up. Smile. Tell them you trust them.

Inside it just eats me alive and grows like a monster until I feel like I’m being swallowed whole.

Tearing myself apart.

Pushing myself away from people that really care about me.

Trust nobody. 

But I want to trust again.

Trust nobody.

I don’t know how to break the cycle I’m in.

Trust nobody. 

Something’s got to change.

Trust nobody. Trust nobody.

When does it end? I have to take the first step. 

But still the monster whispers, “Trust nobody.”



One Response to “Trust”

  1. Satprem August 5, 2014 at 1:43 am #

    Felt Deeply~ Thank You~
    Sometimes I “disconnect” ,into the gray, comfortable isolation from my Human Family and the safety of *distance* and ^time^~~~ preferring that sad/cold place in favor the risk of being hurt deeply again, abandoned, lied to and/or left by someone in whom I placed my trust~
    Lately, however, I am opening more to the “inclusion” of the heartbreak and pain as just part of the human condition, not something to be afraid of, apart from and ignore~ant OF~ I am trusting again because the thundering silence of my separation from self and other is just too much to bear at times~ At the age of 51 and not too soon, I am finally trusting the *process*, my process~ Be it pain or joy filled I receive them both as equals in the manifestation and dance of duality~ Blessings

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