Ch. 9 The Beautiful Princess (PFG)

12 Jul

Princess Felicity gracefully walked out of her room, escorted by 2 of her ladies in waiting. Her hair was in a fancy half do. Half of her hair was up in a pony tail and the rest lay long and curly down her back. Glitter had been added to her hair and her makeup had been done in a subtle way to show off her natural beauty.  She wore clear heals similar to the ones we all know as Cinderella’s and they matched her beautiful silver ball gown.

She smiled as she approached the throne room where she would meet her family so they could go out to the fair grounds on the castle together. Her presence announced and the tall and very heavy wooden doors creaked open.

Alejandro was already there dressed in formal attire that mysteriously matched hers, probably the head matrons doing. He was talking to the king and queen when the room got silent. He turned around to see what was going on and stopped suddenly as he saw the princess enter the room. He stared quietly. He had seen many women in his long life, but none compared to the beauty of this young woman he had vowed to protect, which in the recent past, had only been out of boredom. He swallowed and bowed before her as he heard the whispers in the room of how lovely the princess was.

Alejandro then wondered why so many attempts had been on her life as of late. If he were them he would kidnap her and make her his bride. That seemed the logical thing. He cleared his head of that thought and scanned the room, he had momentarily let his guard down. Alejandro didn’t want anything to happen to the beloved princess.

Her parents smiled at her as she joined them. Her brothers and sisters hugged her and giggled as their parents stood from their thrones and gathered next to them. Guards quickly surrounded them and Alejandro blended in with the royal family and stay just behind Princess Felicity for extra security….or that’s what he claimed he was staying so close to them for.

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