PFG Ch. 4 The Closed Off Wing

24 Apr

She gave him a quick tour of the castle since she was already annoyed at being forced to spend a lot of time with someone she hardly knew. Forget the fact that he was intriguing, it was still wrong. She approached a closed off hallway in the northwest wing on the third floor and pointed.

“I don’t know why…but we aren’t allowed to go in that area…if you want to, you will have to discuss such matters with my father first,” she said before turning and moving on. Alejandro nodded and made a mental note. He wanted to know why that area was closed off for security purposes. That was the last place she showed him. She called for a servant. A young servant girl came scurrying over to them.

“Y-yes miss?” she asked as she curtsied.

“Show sir Alejandro his room please. He is to be my new body guard. I suppose father already told head matron where they wanted to put him. Oh…and please have someone bring up my favorite tea…I want to take a nap before the ball tonight,” she said simply and walked off to her room for some peace and quiet.

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