PFG Ch.3 Their Meeting

12 Apr

Her mother nodded and smiled at her daughter. Alejandro grabbed Felicity’s right hand gently and brought it to his lips so he could kiss is softly. He let go and looked up into her purple eyes.

“I will protect you with my life, princess,” he said sincerely in his soothing voice. Felicity pulled her hand back to her side slowly and graced him with a small, kind smile. 

The King cleared his throat. “You will be following her pretty much everywhere, sir Alejandro. There have been too many…attempts lately. I need my precious daughter safe,” he said.

Alejandro nodded his head showing that he understood. “Yes, your majesty. What about her siblings?”

“Ah. They have other protection and so far nothing has been attempted on them, so your duty is just Felicity.”

“Yes, your majesty,” Alejandro said and took a bow.

Felicity frowned at the thought of constantly being watched and followed. As if they didn’t do that enough already. She sighed to herself and stepped down.

“Well, let me show you around,” Felicity said gesturing for him to follow her.

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