Princess Felicity Grace Ch. 1: Princess Felicity

10 Apr

Princess Felicity Grace sighed as she sat down in front of her mirror and let her ladies in waiting fuss with her long slightly curly blonde hair.  She looked down at the silver dress she was wearing for today’s festival. She looked into her own purple eyes and wondered when she would be set free. Not that she was ungrateful. She knew that she was more than well taken care of, but she longed for freedom and adventure and maybe some romance along the way. Felicity longed to go somewhere outside the castle walls. She wanted to run around in a field of flowers and splash around in vibrant creeks, play with other children, and just be a normal girl her age. This was not to be for this young lady of almost seventeen years of age. They had tried to let her live a normal life. She had even attended a private boarding school where she was a cheerleader, a member of the choir, and a member of the book club. However, the beautiful princess suddenly came down with a very rare illness. Few doctors had heard of it and none knew how to cure it. It was commonly referred to as the Sleeping Beauty Disorder.  The princess would randomly fall into a deep slumber that lasted for an unknown period of time. Sometimes it would just be a few days, other times It was weeks or months. When she was in one of her deep slumbers it took a whole team of people to care for her. Everyone had to make sure she was hooked up and getting fluids, keep her clean, and take care of anyone restroom needs. This held her back from a lot of things as it got worse when she was overwhelmed emotionally. Now she was rarely let out of the palace. She closed her eyes for a moment as the past week’s events slowly started to hit her and make her tired. She had several assassins try to kill her and one very nearly succeeded. Her father was frantic and looking for a suitable person to train his guards better and to be a personal body guard for her. She wondered what the person would be like.

 “We are done Princess,” one of her ladies in waiting said. Felicity nodded and placed a beautiful silver crown on top of her head.

 She stood up and slipped into some clear heels.

“Thank you,” she said kindly and walked out of her room and began her long walk to the throne room where her mother and father were waiting.

She stopped at the grand doors and waited as someone announced her arrival and opened the doors for her. The room quieted and she walked towards the thrones and curtsied before her father.

 “Hello Papa, you called?” she said quietly.

“Hello my dearest daughter. There is someone we would like for you to meet,” her father replied as her mother looked over at her with thoughtful eyes.

“Whatever you wish Papa. I’m sure I will find them entertaining.”

“Oh yes, quite entertaining,” said her mother with a low giggle.

Her father gestured for her to stand to the side and raised his golden scepter in the air telling the guards to bring someone in.  The doors creaked open slowly and Felicity took in a deep breath as time seemed to stop all around her. A hooded figure walked into the room gracefully, a sword at his waste and a small smirk on his face. The hood hid his face well and Felicity tried to see who was inside as he continued to glide toward the throne.


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    • aurorasawakening July 12, 2013 at 3:52 am #

      You should read the newest chapter I posted today. I’ve improved. :3 But the new chapter is on quotev. thanks momma. :3

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